Nicki Minaj Without Makeup is Almost Impossible to Picture Out

Nicki Minaj is someone who is larger than life. She does some of the most ridiculous things in the world. She is an icon. She knows exactly how to capture the attention of people. Sometimes, it is hard imagining Nicki Minaj without makeup considering all the glitters she usually has on her face and body. Nevertheless, she looks amazing- different, but still great.

Nicki is such a confident woman. She can go on stage wearing whatever she wants. She can also post a selfie with barely any makeup on.

Nicki doesn’t look as polished as she is with full make up on, but she still looks naturally beautiful.

She even posted a photo of her while bathing. Of course, she was in her most natural state, but she still looked great.

These days, it is quite difficult catching Nicki without any makeup on. She usually wears some of the most ridiculous outfits and makeup design.

Nicki is yet to finish her makeup in this photo. She has also shown her natural hair. This is definitely a rare image.

People accuse Nicki of looking only pretty with full makeup on. The truth is that even without any makeup, she still looks great.

She even went to a red carpet event with barely anything on her face other than the cat’s eye style for eyeliner. She was still a star in the photos.

There are instances when it is just too difficult imagining Nicki as a natural ebony beauty given her overall styling.

In an interview, Nicki revealed that she felt naked without makeup. She also has to realize she still looks stunning even without one.

Seeing Nicki’s photos before she became a huge star, it is safe to say that she has come a really long way.