Top 5 Best Tumblr Theme Generator For A Customize Account Theme

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In the age of blogging and social networking, one’s theme account must be unique. Standing out among the crowd of bloggers implies your distinct character and personality. Finding the best Tumblr theme generator will indeed make you stand out above the rest.

It must be different. It must be tailor made. It must suit your taste.

Here are some of the Top 5 Best Tumblr Theme Generator to spruce up your theme account:

1. Drupal Theme Generator

You don’t need to be a computer geek or expert to be able to install Drupal. Drupal’s core theme and color module are its main features which give you a highly personalize look and feel. Changing the color set up is so easy by using the browser.  Some of its options and features are blogs, comments, books and forum. You may also access statistics and its RSS feed.

2. Dotemplate

Another template and framework which you can tailor made is Dotemplate. It’s so easy to create. Only a few steps are required. First is to choose a particular template. Customize and download it. There are arrays of website themes to choose from. Simply change and personalize the title, slogan, size of the fonts and color scheme. In so doing, you could easily project a total new look and appearance.

3. PsycHo

Another Tumblr theme generator which allows you to personalize your theme account is through PsycHo. Its dashboard gives you an easy direction how to create and generate your template.  It has a column, scheme and theme settings which you could change every now and then by simply pressing it on the dashboard. The same is true with its font size, effect, description border and spacing. The good thing about this is you can easily create this template within 10 minutes or so.


Another design tools you can use is CSSEZ. Even without technical knowledge of HTML or CSS, one could easily download a design. There are also many different layouts to choose from. Unlimited are the number of designs one could generate. The only thing needed is for you to go to the website and follow the instructions there. Simply click its left bottom part corner and the setting panel would appear. Once this is done, you are ready to create your own design to be downloaded later on.

Another feature is that you could share your own design with other users.

5. Firdamatic

If you want a Tumblr theme generator that does not use tables then Firdamatic is the one for you. The principal feature of this theme generator is the column layout which is very straightforward. You only need to enter all the required data on the blank space provided. Place in the space box your name, email address, weblog title, weblog address, blogging tool, and its website, URL, title text including header and text font.  Data concerning background, header, and text color, and link, border and credit box color are also required.

After entering all the data then you are ready to generate a complete design layout of your own.

tumblr theme generator

Creating a unique theme for your blog is one way of reflecting your distinct personality to the world. Doing so is easy. With these top 5 Best Tumblr Theme Generator can choose from, you are on your way to create the best looking website ever.

Mac Cleanup Free Software: Clean Up Your Mac, Jack!

Mac is one of the most reliable operating systems that are available in the international market. It is developed by Apple Inc. to compete with other brands developed by the top IT companies. Its simplistic interface is what draws users to buy it over other popularly known brands. However, like any other computer system, Mac also needs proper maintenance and care. But the key to utilizing Mac to its full potential is by balancing the data generating applications to the data discriminating programs. Simply type in the words “MAC CLEANUP FREE”  to download these programs online.

Mac Cleanup Free

Advantages of a Mac

There are several advantages in using Mac than any personal computer or gadget. Mac is not susceptible to system failure. It is provided with a selection of programs that work as a unit. Each program is developed to be compatible with each other so it is unlikely for a Mac to crash.

Malware on Mac

Unlike other computers that do not have a unified set of programs and applications, Mac also has the ability to acquire minimal malware. There is a small chance that the unit will be compromised by a virus due to the cohesiveness of its programs. Mac, with is very extensive design on software compatibility and protection, not only allows the entire system to work in unison but also keeps it protected from unwanted dangers.

How to Clean My Mac

Mac Cleanup Free

Whether you are using a Mac or other operating system, it is inevitable to come across a malware. Malware is designed to destroy the data in your computer. Fortunately for Mac, there are several programs that you can avail that cater in protecting your files. Some of the popular Mac cleanup free softwares are CLEAN MY MAC, MacKeeper, Macaroni and MacCleanse. These are just some of the most popular and most effective cleaning programs available for everyone. Using these programs, you will be able to keep your computer clean and efficient in performing tasks. Some of these programs, like the MacKeeper, provide a free anti-virus program that will keep you updated to whether your computer is still safe or not. You can quickly delete corrupted and unnecessary files from your computer by simply clicking “Scan”.

DIY Clean for Mac

Cleaning programs are helpful when it comes to eliminating malware or unwanted files from your computer. They can help you simplify cleaning tasks. But if you are one to make sure that the job is completely done completely, you can clean your Mac manually by doing the following simple tasks. You can start by resetting the hardware, RAM memory and Spotlight. You can manually clean Cache files and repair disk permissions through the program panel. It is as simple as that. By keeping these simple tasks in mind, you can simply do your own MAC CLEANUP FREE of any charges.

10 Best Blog Hosting Sites Guaranteed to Give You Great Results

Doing an online business has opened a huge opportunity for anyone who wishes to have a small business. With the help coming from the best blog hosting sites, your business will surely reach your target market. The different web hosting service providers have their way of bringing your business to  your audience and to ensure that they know about it. If you are planning to start an online business, but don’t know where to start, take a look at this list of the best web hosting services today.

10. provides and offers the best web host service for UK and European clients at a cheap price of $5.95 per month. Right now, the company is also running a web hosting service based in Sydney, Australia. Included in the package is their Site Studio which is an online site builder. They also provide an affordable VPS Hosting and dedicated server plans.



IXWebHosing serves their clients best with their dedicated IP addresses to ensure the serveruptime of your business for only $3.95 per month. Aside from the dedicated IP address, IXWebHosting also offers a free shared SSL, Merchant Account and other business related stuffs that you will need. They also provide some free domains with Linux and Windows hosting like the ASP, ASP.NET, and Cold Fusion.



WebHostingPad is the cheapest on our list with only $2.95 per month. Though it’s the most affordable in the market, it offers unlimited bandwidth to its subscribers. Not only that, they also give unlimited web space and free tools. They also offer a free Site Builder in order for their clients to create a site, blog, picture album, contract forms and a simple online store as well.



FatCow is an eco-friendly web hosting service provider since they use 100% wind energy for only $4.67 a month. Included in their package is the access to online Site Building tools, Shopping Cart area, and SSL secured server. They also give free domain creation, easy WordPress installs, phpBB, Joomla, and a $50 credit for AdWords.



HostMonster is one web hosting service that you should seek if you want to have a 24/7 support that is non-outsourced. They offer a great deal for their clients by giving them an all-in-one unlimited hosting with support to Front Page extensions, Secure Shell Access, CGI, PHP, MySQL with control panel (cPanel), Site Builder, 1 click script installer and a lot more. Their support is real time and their hold time per client is less than 2 minutes per call.



WebHostingHub offers a low cost web hosting plan that includes easier blog hosting with WordPress as well as with Joomla, Drupal hosting, and premium website building tools. They also offer a free domain registration and transfer, plus a round-the-clock support and a 90-day money back guarantee.



BlueHost is one of the most reliable web hosting services since 1996. It gives the best customer support as well. They also offer unlimited web hosting space with added features like the Secure Shell Support, Ruby, and Python. They also offer a free domain that you can keep forever and other freebies like free blog, free forum installation, and other applications.



JustHost is a web hosting service provider an inexpensive plan that includes an unlimited web space and a free site builder with various templates ready to be used for only $4.45 per month. They also include a free account set up that comes instantly after signing up and free ad-on for Google AdWords and MySpace Ad credits.



With iPage, you can have a low-priced hosting plan of only $4.50 per month and you can have all its features including the drag and drop website builder tools, online store, blog gallery, photo gallery, security suites, free domain, marketing credits under Yahoo!, Facebook and Google AdWords. You can also have a 100% Green hosting.



HostGator offers an unlimited hosting plan every month for only $4.95 on a yearly pre-pay and you can have unlimited baby domains payable for $9.95 per month. If anything goes wrong, they have a support team that can attend to your needs 24/7. Their USA based staffs will be the ones to support you to make sure that any issues you may have will get fixed in a timely manner.

There are a lot of companies offering different web hosting services. However, only a few of them really mean business. The list that we have for you contains the best blog hosting sites that you can choose from to help you with your online business. You can check on your business’s needs in order to know the right package to subscribe to.

Top 5 Free Online RPG Games That Are Full Of Fun And Excitement

The internet has tons of games for you to choose from. Playing a role playing game or RPG on the internet is just like being transported to another cyber dimension—to another time and place. What are some of the free online RPG games that are full of fun and excitement?

Needless to say you are the hero or protagonist in the RPG games you are playing. You have an active part to play in the story’s plot, quests or adventures. Succeeding or failing will depend on your individual skills as gamers.

Here are some of the free online RPG games you could immerse yourself with:

1. Mob Life 

free online rpg games

If you love Mafia films and stories, then you’re going to love the game Life of the Mob. The game portrays what it’s like to be part of a mob. In this game you can either join a Mafia family or create one of your own. Just like in the underworld, this is a survival of the fittest game. One Mafia family seeks to dominate and lord it over other Mafia families. Definitely, it is an action packed game with all of the gunfights for power and money.

2. Tera

free online rpg games

Classify as a massively multiplayer online games or MMORPG, Tera is another action filled game. The setting is in Arbodea where seven sets of races survive after its clash with the Titans, namely: Amani, Barakas, Castanics, Elin, High Elves, Humans and Poporis. All of them must unite against a common enemy—the Argons, a metallic sort of race determine to invade Tera and to wake the Titans. The graphics of the games are stunning and the sound effects amazing.

3. Dungeons and Dragon

free online rpg games

The setting of the story is in Eberron — a world filled with sword fighting, magic, enchantment and sorceries. Intrigue and danger are always in the air. Numerous monsters populated this world and constant threats and dangers lurk from evil monsters and invaders. Royal families are fighting for power.

This surrealistic world is teeming with dwarves, elves and other mysterious beings such as war forged and quori. This is an adventure game anyone would like.

4. Min Hero Tower Sages

free online rpg games

This game is reminiscent of the Pokemon series where the story in these games is a bit similar. The games are about little kids trying to capture monsters and once these monsters are caught, the monsters are made to fight one another.  You need to create your own character at the start of each game. Two choices are in store: you can either choose between a blond male character or a female character.

As the story unfolds in the game, you will meet other students around the world presenting themselves to be trained by the Great Sage in the Tower of Sages. Part of the initial phase of training in the game is to know yourself first as a student. Two minions are given to you at the start and you need to tell the Great Sage how you were able to get your minions.

In the latter part of the training, you are required to fight with the other three students to know how well you have improved. This is definitely a fun game that can be played by anyone no matter what age you are.

5. Planet Calypso

free online rpg games

Anyone who likes sci-fi and futuristic films and books will surely like this Sci-Fi RPG game. The game is set on a human colony located in a very far away alien planet. As part of the story, you are expected to fight and repel the horde of invading robots that are bent to conquer the established human colony.

Planet Calypso is a combination and a cross-breed of a socio-political-economic action theme and adventures.

Free online RPG games will always be here to stay for quite a long time. And it is up to you to be kept updated with every new RPG game . Which game do you like best?


It is really frustrating when after shelling out a good bit of cash for your Mac computer, you noticed a big change on its performance, especially its speed. You realized that it has already fallen short of its original zippy pace. If you have an unhealthy Mac, that is, a slow one, then most probably your Mac OS is not taken cared of properly. It will really show some negative behavioral issues once you don’t address the problem right away.Speed4Mac2

What can actually slow your Mac down? For one thing, there might be a presence of a bulk of unfragmented files and unnecessary programs installed. These can make your processor work slower and load your hard disk fully, thus, slowing your entire system down. When this is the case, you don’t need to have a costly help from professional technicians, but you can perform a Mac cleanup on your own. One good cleaning for your Mac is the widely known Speed4Mac.

Speed4Mac will help your computer restore its speed and efficiency by freeing your needed disk space, bettering Mac boot volumes, and eliminating any duplicative and burdensome files that contribute to a large weight on your system and hampers the right speed of your Mac. It will perform an in depth scan on your Mac’s system and optimize in just one click solution. In no time, your Mac will once again perform at its best, and faster than you would expect it to be. You need to have a routine cleanup of your Mac to always identify and solve any behavioral issues so that your productivity is not affected.

A healthy Mac will have a fast processing, less chance of overheating, a faster startup, and an enhanced multi-tasking capabilities. If you want to maintain a healthy Mac, then Speed4Mac is the tool right for your Mac’s need.

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Do you want to simplify the process of using your favorite phone in a way that makes it more useful than it was before? Then it’s time for you to try out the next generation of search bar that can control all your personal accounts as well as do all kinds of web searches! Yes, you are definitely in a want of this search bar, something that you should not miss. Wundrbar is will surely give you into a higher level of connection that you will always love tapping around!


In this blog, you will be excited to know about the recent trend of the new generation, and even search bars are even on the move to upgrade. Where else should you look for if you want to buy something, track plane’s schedules, get news update and a lot more search categories in just one application?

Well, welcome to our blog where you will find the one you exactly needed. Get your hands busy now and start to explore with us!